News broke on twitter this past Wednesday about two renowned local gospel artistes who allegedly sexually exploited a female fan and infected her with HPV.

The victim, a 20-year-old Nakuru girl whose name is withheld, revealed how she would direct message musicians with requests for gigs to feature on their videos as a model. One of the responses came from Hopekid. He asked the lady to pay him a visit in Nairobi. She obliged with the notion that it was a professional meet up.


On arrival to Nairobi, the lady, a university student, not only met Hopekid, but also another man, DK Kwenye Beat. She further goes on to state that they drove over to DK Kwenye Beat ’s residence. The three had a sexual encounter.

The lady traveled back home where later on, she was approached by
DK Kwenye Beat to pay him a visit again, this time without Hopekid. She explains that a week after the encounter, she was diagnosed with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), a wart-causing infection spread by sexual contact.

The two artists asked for forgiveness. They blamed Satan for the act.
Kenyans on Twitter are more furious on why the two did not offer apologies to the victim.