This man Davidson Ngibuini! It is like he lives in a fairytale. Where all the ladies are hotter than Cinderella, Snow Whie and red Riding Hood combined. Anyhow, It’s almost impossible to predict DNG’s next move. He is always has a killer card under the table. His wedding last year to the sizzling hot air hostess Yvette Nungari was a show-stopper (I hear the two are no longer a man and wife if media reports are to be believed). The venue of the grand occasion and the pomp that accompanied the event was in itself, a statement!


Now, DNG is leaving behind some not so subtle clues that he might have found the one to knock off with his charm. To start us off, when reports of his alleged divorce to Yvette was the talk of town, he whisked himself off to the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa where he was photographed by some hawk-eyed paparazzi living it up with an unidentified damsel.

Recently, in a string of photo and video posts on his IG page, DNG is seen hanging out with yet another mystery lass, leaving “us” wondering whom she could be. Is the lady in black the one to fill the reported void left behind by Yvette? We are yet to demystify that one. But you can keep it Mpasho because we will bring it to you sizzling!