Okay. If y’all thought those criticizing Kenyan music are doing the wrong thing, then think again. The world over is wondering whether your country has any other music, besides the National Anthem sung by athletes during Olympics. A tweet by some Ghanaian chiq asking whether ‘Kenyans have musicians’ has raised furry of many Kenyans, while her countrymen and other Nigerians support her.

That a non-Kenyan has seen lack of Kenyan music being promoted out there communicates a lot. And no, it ain’t a parody account to some Kenyan. She has mentioned that Naija music is being played over there, then asking what Kenyan artistes ain’t doing that Nigerians are doing to promote their music. The Ghanaians who have replied to that tweet have mentioned Vuta Pumzi by Longombaz and a song by Nameless as the Kenyan sound they can remember.

Here is the tweet;

This comes at a time when there’s so much fuss about the priority given to non-Kenyan artistes as Kenyan artistes play second fiddle, yet these prioritized acts disappoint big time. Some argue that Kenyans are so generous that they play any foreign music no matter how crap the music is, whereas some claim that Kenyans ain’t supporting their own music, coupled with a paralyzed music marketing system. Well, whatever, we still have miles to walk.