I woke up early in the morning trying to get a positive reaction,

From my momma and my pops, who say I need a plan of action,

My exam results were out to their extreme satisfaction,

Turns out my mind’s inner factions understood the likes of decimal fractions,

So they were happy, so why would I even bother?

When I could easily become a doctor to the happiness of my father?

Man of honor, suit and tie, chose the common way to get a dollar,

So how could I tell him that I’m not going to be a scholar?


See, my parents won’t let me be till I get my degree,

Give my hundred and three just to be like Marie Curie,

But will they embrace my artistry when I show them my poetry?

Will I be free or deemed an embarrassment to my family tree?

If the latter, I’ll intern for a bank as a trainee,

While my musical spirit roams like a banshee,

How can I let my musicality reach a level so marquis,

When all I’ll do is file documents and serve some ice tea?

Sure, I’ll bag a couple more zeros while I climb up the ranks,

But what is all that money worth if I can’t be Kenya’s Shabba Ranks?


“Dear father, to be frank, you’re the smartest man I know,

Your wisdom first rank, I yearn for your bestow,

But don’t let me be just be any other John Doe,

Let me form my own path, and though I may encounter many woes,

They’ll be MY woes.

If I fail, if I succeed, rest assured I’ll drive slow,

And I’ll make you more proud, more than you could ever know.”


Those words were spoken 3 years ago,

And sure enough, they fell on deaf ears, ergo,

I’m an Economics student in my final year, schoolboy flow,

But my dream is still in high gear, I couldn’t forego.

One more year to downing beers,

And I’ll make my parents proud, my tenacity they will revere.

But most importantly, I’ll have nothing to fear,

“If you let them kill your dream it will haunt you”, my peers.


So kids, don’t let dream killers hurt your self-esteem,

Use your inner strength as the steam to power your dreams.


Keep the dream alive.


By: Doug L Fresh

Writer and Poet; has an unhealthy obsession with Ouktast.

don't follow your dreams chase them