Yesterday we were watching some song by gospel artiste Benachi. The Mwanake hit-maker, when a friend asked “Kwani what happened to Benachi?”. Almost immediately

, another one replied, “Marriage happened”.

Well, marriage is an institution.  Institutions churn out products out of mere raw materials. Institutions like churches turn sinners into holy men, schools turn ignorant boys and girls into intellectuals, so what does marriage turn people into? Musicians for instance. We’ve had top industry players go under immediately after saying ‘I Do’, and never resurface.

Deux Vultures had one Nasty Thomas. The guy was pure talent, his lyrical prowess was up there with the clouds. Then he got married. And that was the beginning of the end of Deux Vultures. The group didn’t do any more music, as Colonel Mustapha embarked on doing solo projects but failed to hit the highs they had hit as Deux Vultures.

Then there is Robbah, a third of the popular Kleptomaniax. Before the group disintegrated, Robbah had already fallen in love and was already hitched. His wife was expecting and slowly, Robba fizzled out of the music scene, even though they tried to hold it up with collabos here and there with Ulopa. Robbah has tried recently a comeback but it has been unsuccessful. He has his own Music Studio (Music Plant Records) where he’s nurturing young talent.

Habida. That songbird! Habida broke into the limelight with her collabo ‘Sunshine’ featuring one of Kenya’s legends Nameless. She has however been quiet and not as consistent as she were those days when doing Kesho, Sunshine, Reason among others. Maybe marriage took a toll on her and she had to tone down, no?

Maybe, Kenya’s first family in showbiz (Nameless and Wahu) is the only one standing out. Even after tying the knot, the two still went ahead and did hits, which is very rare. Wahu did Sweet Love, Mkono Mmoja (With Tanzania’s TMK Wanaume), Still a liar etc. Nameless on the other hand did Sinzia, Sunshine with Habida, Butterfly etc. So many artistes have had their careers go down after getting married. DnG, Marya, Juliani (Juliani has been so quiet btw), Chantelle (after Tokleazea she got hitched to J-blessing and her music exit Toklezead) to mention just a few.

Back to Benachi. Benachi did wed late last year, and flew out of the country to the US. He stays with his wife there and early this year he got so ill. Back then, he was planning to release a song, but he is yet to. Do you think marriage and relationships are to blame for artistes disappearance from the music arena?