We all like to mix up colors in our outfits, to make us look playful, just a little bit brighter. Sadly though not all of us can match it.

So here are easy rules to follow…..color fam

Keep it in the family.

If you’ve decided on an earthly tone then stick to it all the way. Same goes for pastels and jewel tones.






mix it

Complimentary colors.

Ever had opposite attract? Believe me it’s true. Complimentary colors are a perfect match, for example blue and red or black and white.










shades color

Same color different shades.

If you’re not comfortable with mixing two or three different colors then stick to one color. But different shades please, it still works and its safe.





print and match

Let the print guide you.

If you have a print in your outfit then everything is so simple. Play with the colors in the print, but stick to those colors only.










black white safe

Black and white.

In doubt? Well here is the beauty. Black and white are like a canvas for any outfit, you can add any color you want on a black and white outfit and it looks good.










Another thing when it comes to color pick colors that are friendly to your skin tone. Don’t play with more than three colours or you’ll risk ending up looking like a clown.Easy yeah? Try it.

By: Joan Rangara