As the world celebrates the International Women’s Day, other women are not celebrating. One is ‘Nicah The Queen’. The ‘Ushuhuda’ singer has revealed that she has run away from her marriage due to domestic violence.


The singer who’s been Dr. Ofweneke’s heartthrob posted the information on her Instagram page, adding that’s she’s now a single mother of two. Nicah and Ofweneke have been together for a while now, they even have two kids. In fact, some blogs have been speculating of a wedding in the offing between the two. One thing that raised eyebrows however was her hairstyle in the particular photo shared in her Instagram. In the photo she has long hair, like the past, which made people wonder whether she had indeed been battered or it was a publicity stunt.

One Michael Jerry who seemed to be a family friend of the couple did comment in the post defending the comedian, arguing that the photo used was an old one and the lady’s aim was malicious. That’s when Nicah went hard on him, accusing him of misleading her man that even if she left, he was a celebrity who would land another woman in no time. Dr. Ofweneke has not yet spoken about the whole saga.