Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror

We have all heard stories of parents who would literally do ANYTHING to protect their kids. There is the African fable about a mum who enters the fire to save her baby, the Asian parents who each gave an eye to their son, and loads more. The premise of Dracula Untold is “What if Dracula was just a really good dad, you guys?”

Dracula Untold batsLuke Evans (Fast & Furious 6, Immortals) stars in Dracula Untold, the origin story of the man who became Dracula. Gary Shore directs and Michael De Luca produces the epic action-adventure that co-stars Sarah Gadon, Dominic Cooper, and Diarmaid Murtagh.

The movie is set in vaguely medieval castle-towns. Looking at it plainly, it is about a guy who all he wants to do is go back to their farms and wives but dammit the world just won’t let them. Like all medieval times, there are wars, people impaled on pikes, and then there’s fog. All characters hold a lot of meaning; enemies have to have a lot of meetings in each other’s war tents while drinking coffee and acting civilized.

dracula-untold-sonThe entire premise of this movie, right, is that Dracula is such a good dad that he’s willing to turn himself into pretty much the actual devil for the sake of his son. And yet! At the end of the movie, Dracula is alive and well and there’s pretty much nothing stopping him from going back to see his son? Everyone who hated or resisted him is dead. His son is terrified, orphaned and nine but now he’s the king of Transylvania, and he would probably find the occasional visit from his loving father enormously helpful. But he just sets off, like, “Welp, time to start my Rime-of-the-Ancient-Mariner phase.”dracula-untold-wife

Dracula’s wife is enormously supportive of Dracula’s decision to Dracula. Obviously his own people turn on him about fourteen seconds in for no reason, even though all he’s done is turn into bats and help them, and he gets to deliver a great ‘The Reason You Suck’ speech, and she’s just there to stare adoringly at him and then get real fierce-eyed when she dies and say “Drink all of my blood and just kill everybody.” That’s teamwork.