South Africa Rapper AKA is one Hip Hop drama king, if he’s not on some baby mama drama he’s beefing with Casper but one can’t deny is sick rap flow and lyrics.

The ‘Congratulate’ rapper is making headlines after rumors surfaced that he is planning to sue OVO’s Drake for having stolen his video concept, The reports claim Drake’s sensational ‘Hotline Bling’ copied pretty much from AKA’s diss song ‘Composure’ released 12 days before the ‘Hotline Bing’ much talked about video.



In both videos the rappers have a one man studio and are seen dancing to almost similar moves. However AKA has distanced himself from the claims saying he also learned about this impending suit from twitter.

Logged into Twitter for the 1st time in days to articles that I am suing Drake. MTV is also asking “What should AKA do?” TF is going on?! ?

— AKA (@akaworldwide) November 10, 2015

Oyaro Clinton