Pusha T pulled out the big guns on Drake and this time round he isn’t just upset, he is pissed and ashamed! Rumours of Drakes secret son Adonis came out clear after Pusha T criticized Drake in his diss track to Drake, “the story of Adidon” and this left Drake with many questions to answer. It became apparent that Drake was indeed having a secret kid with Sophie Brussaux. Sophie, a former pornstar initially had claims of being knocked up by Drizzy back in May 2017.

Sophie Brussaux

Sophie hired lawyers and had texts to back her up on the claims but Drizzy made the story go away through influence and money. Drizzy continued to deny the claims and even got embarrassed by the fact that she was a pornstar and tried laying claims of being setup by Sophie. This came after links between Drizzy and Sophie started spreading back in January,2017 when they were seen having dinner in  Amsterdam.

Drake seen having dinner with Sophie in Amsterdam


Despite attempts to make this go away, Sophie wasn’t going to let go at all. Drizzy even tried forcing Sophie to abort the child but Sophie refused. The texts that the former pornstar had to back her up were recovered by TMZ and posted publicly:                           “Drake: I want you to have an abortion.                                                                                              Sophie: I can’t kill my baby simply to indulge you sorry.                                           Drake: Indulge me? F**k you.                                                                              Sophie: What?                                                                                                      Drake: You do know what you’re doing you think you’re going to get money.”

Pregnant Sophie

Sophie kept the child and funny enough she gave birth to Adonis on October 24th 2017 which also happens to be Drakes birthday, 24th October. Ever since then Drizzy has tried so hard to keep the baby a secret until Pusha T spilt the milk.

Sophie, who quit her career in the porn industry to become a painter then went on to delete all the pictures she had posted of her with the baby and even deleted her Twitter and Instagram. The professional painter who now goes by the name Sophie B has tried as hard as she could to stay low key and work it out with Drizzy but all that now seems to have changed right after “the story of Adidon” hit the waves.

The Drake and Pusha T beef revealed everything

Pusha T tried giving the Canadian rapper some advice citing that “Adonis is your son, and he deserves more than an Adidas press run, that’s real, love that baby, respect that girl, forget she is a pornstar, let her be your world.”