Yesterday Otile Brown made an announcement that shook the local music industry. After admitting that he had had it rough with his management weeks ago on TV, the ‘Alivyonipenda’ hitmaker announced that he was no longer working with Dreamland music, the label that brought him to the limelight. It’s an announcement that sent tongues wagging, with most of his fans taking sides; some scolding him for cutting ties with his musical father Dr. Eddie while others felt he had made the right choice. You know, even Diamond Platinumz was big when under Sharobaro Music but after parting ways with them, you all can see where he is.

But today, his former management has broken silence on all the saga. In a post made public by his management, the Dreamland Music Empire, they stated that Otile Brown walked out of a mutual contract without notice. The same post was also shared by Dr. Eddie on his official Instagram handle. This is headed to a warzone, and we expect legal wars to begin soon as Dreamland has barred Otile from using all the songs that he recorded with them, as they are the ones he’s known for.

“We wish to let all musicians and stakeholders know that all the songs and videos produced in our studios namely… Shujaa Wako, Imaginary Love, Dejavu, Everything, Basi, Pakate, Alivyonipenda, Niseme Nawe & Aiyolela… Are owned by Dreamland Music Empire. He is henceforth prohibited by the clauses in the contract he signed to use them in performances or business purposes,” part of the post read.

We will continue to update you as this unfolds.

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