There is nothing as beautiful and exciting as getting those scented letters with nice graffiti and flower or feather decors… oh and did I mention those random sticky notes? It’s the best teenage feeling ever, to fall in love. All of a sudden everything changes, you start worrying about him/her, you start dreaming about each other and all of a sudden you start realizing that the sight of each other arouses some feelings or even physical activities that you weren’t aware of earlier. It might be weird, but it’s the best feeling you’ve ever felt all along your teenage life. But, how do you know if it’s still love or it’s become sour? When do you know that the attraction has turned into disgust? It’s sad but at times you might just be holding onto a sinking ship and it would be better if you just let go. So how do you know it’s time to call it quits?

No more letters/sticky Notes

This is usually the first sign of trouble in paradise. You remember how often the letters/random sticky notes used to be? Remember how you used to know about everything going on in their school even though you were never really there? Then what happened? Why did it stop? Its either he/she doesn’t feel the same way anymore or the school has imposed new restrictions. But why are you friends receiving letters from their friends in the same school? It doesn’t take long to figure out something isn’t right. However, take time to confront him/her before calling it quits. Don’t overreact!

No more long calls/stories during the holiday

They used to be the best part of your holiday, but right now they aren’t. They no longer make those long night calls or even tell you those odd stories about how their days unfolded. The calls are all of a sudden very short and airtime is limited. Which is understandable but, why is he/she always online and not talking to me? Maybe their attention is somewhere else or someone else has their attention.

So many excuses

They always have an excuse for everything. ‘We had mocks so I was really busy I couldn’t write you a letter last term..’, ‘My phone was confiscated the whole holiday…’ ‘I lost your number…’ One, two or three excuses might be genuine, but when it becomes too regular, then something must be wrong. You need to do a bit of digging before you actually call it quits though…

They ghost you

You rather tell someone you don’t feel the same way as they do towards your relationship than ghost them. The feeling of being ghosted is never the best at all. When you see someone starting to avoid you for no apparent reason or literally ignoring you even though you try reaching out then it might be helpful to just call it quits. It will save you the constant worry and stress.


They make no effort to connect with you

As much as this might be debatable, but the truth is if one isn’t making the necessary effort to connect with you, then it simply means they are no longer interested in you. You should take a moment and reflect on who makes the effort to keep the connection going and if the effort is not mutual, then save yourself the hustle and call it quits.