The E-nsyder Pro-FIFA tournament is set to be the biggest and most competitive FIFA tournament ever held in the country. The tournament is aimed at discovering and nurturing the next pro gamers from the country.


The first phase of the tournament will involve two qualification rounds that will take place within various hoods around Nairobi. The hoods will be announced on 9th of April through the Insyder pages. The final tournament will take place at Lavington Secondary School on 27th of April 2019. The tournament will take place in conjunction with Skool Xit Fest.


In order to qualify for the tournament,  one will need to first of all form a team of two players. Once you have a team, then you can join the pre-qualification tournaments within the hoods which will be announced. Two teams per hood will earn direct qualification to the final E-nsyder Pro FIFA tournament. If you fail to qualify here, you can register through Whatsapp or email. Insyder-0724176088; Westkid-0724119123; Onderi-0708369963; email:


You can register through the contacts provided above. For you to register you must provide:

1.       The name of your team

2.       You must be two players per team

3.       Your Whatsapp contacts

4.       Your age

5.       School/institution if any

6.       A short clip of your best FIFA goal

The qualified teams will be announced in two batches, first one will be on April 15TH and the second will be on 22nd April.


The 16 teams will be divided into four groups, group A, B, C and D. All the four teams will face each other within the group stage and earn points. Each match will be one leg. The top two teams per group will then proceed to the quarters. From the quarters, four teams will proceed to the semis, then third place playoffs and finally the Finals.


The awards will be announced through posters on Insyder social media pages.