The world biggest show has made yet another major step in its production unit. Simon Cowell’s Got talent show has just found its way into East Africa. The show has been all around from its original homeland United States of America. America’s got talent is a show loved by many.

The East Africa Got Talent Show has been launched in Kenya at The Maverick hotel. East Africa Got talent has featured in 58 countries around the world including Britain, India and China just to name but a few.

It is aimed at promoting the talent industry in the country. The joint East African governments realized that talents help people in earning a living. This will ensure that each and everybody get employment mostly among the youth. The East Africa Got Talent platform will also be a platform where People tell their stories, express themselves openly to the world and create new sensation in the world.  The contestants are expected to bring on their best acts so as to show the world unique talents that they possess.

The guests in attendance included Sports cabinet secretary Ambassador Amina Mohammed,  Ugandan Television sensation Anne Kansiime, clouds media C.E.O Joseph Kusaga and Safaricom C.C.O Sylvia Mulinge just to name but a few. Their message was to develop the talent HUB in Africa will help create more jobs for the Kenyan youth.

An important aspect that captured people’s attention was the speech of Mr. Ezekiel Mutua, chairman of Kenya Film and Classification Board. He stated that this part was to ensure the acts that would be aired to the public would be family suitable.

The talent show shall be sponsored by Safaricom and several other sponsors. Judges of this television show will be revealed soon enough before it kicks off officially. The show’s auditions officially kick off on the 11th and 12th of May 2019 at KICC in Nairobi. East Africa Got Talent will be hosted by Ann Kansiime and Larry Asego.

Everyone is invited to take part in this life changing platform. East Africa Got Talent needs your Talent.