Hi Ed,

I’m an addict of social media, especially Facebook and WhatsApp. This is quite worrying as it is now affecting my studies. Every single minute, I’m always chatting with my pals; whether at home or at school. In class, I skive lessons to check on any messages on WhatsApp or FB. And at home, I at times ignore my parents when called so as to finish chatting with my ‘besties’. It has become too much for me as I rarely touch my books and to make matters worse, my grades have been dropping. I’d really love to know what I can do to put a stop to this ‘disease’ and more so to avoid disrespecting my parents on grounds that I am busy on the phone.
Adrian (304)

Hi Adrian,
Well, most people will at one point admit to being a social media addict whether it’s with FB, WhatsApp, Twitter or Snapchat, you name it.
It is pretty easy avoiding this craving. Even though you are allowed to go with phones to school, try as much as possible not to go with your phone so as to concentrate on your studies.
At home, give yourself a considerable amount of time when you’ll be on the phone, after which you should embark on studying. The bottom line is: your grades will be much more important than that gadget after high school.
And don’t let the phone make you disrespect your parents.
Besides, you’ll have all the precious time to communicate online with your friends after high school. For now, make your grades better!