Has notorious Mexican drug lord El Chapo escaped from prison AGAIN? Rumours spread on web

El Chapo Captured

But the source of the story, which made El Chapo trend on Twitter, turned out to be a hoax article by a website pretending to be reputable American news source ABC.

The article, which seems to be accurate on first glance, contains telling features such as a paraphrased quote from 1993 movie The Fugitive and a link to a charity that gives socks to the homeless.

It comes as Mexican officials embrace extraordinary measures to keep El Chapo, who has already escaped twice, behind bars.

His new cell at the Altiplano prison he broke free from last July is being monitored by motion sensors and dogs who are specially trained to detect his scent.

The floor has also been reinforced with steel rods to stop the drug kingpin digging his way out, and he is being moved from cell to cell every few days to keep his location within the facility a mystery to would-be conspirators.

Other inmates have been removed from the premises, while tanks and other armed vehicles have been moved into the area to protect the prison’s thick concrete walls.

El Chapo is currently being held before being extradited to the US, where he will face charges of smuggling vast amounts of narcotics into the country.

SOURCE: Express UK