The trio music band has been known for always setting a pace in the African pop category.Their journey started way back in 2008 and finally broke the glass ceiling in 2013 after releasing their first debut single Jana usiku.Their music is always known for edutaining fans across the globe which triggers a want for much more.

The band later released some sets of songs such as kookoo,barua ya dunia among many others.However,it seems the band decided to put a pause on the release buzz after they released the song love you.The long pause has over time increased the suspense among fans,a definite sign that they are surely missed.

According to their instagram stories,the band is always seen hanging out at the studio but nothing has been heard from them yet.We are sure they haven’t split but why the long silence?Talking to the iQru during the Fifa World Cup Trophy tour on 27th February 2018,the band spoke out saying that they have been taking time to understand the power of their music.They also spiced it by saying that they have been preparing great things just for the supporters.It’s evident that great things take time.

Elani performing during the Fifa World Cup Trophy Tour at KICC grounds.

This is a clear indication that the anticipating season will surely come to and end.Judging from their performance during the Fifa World Cup Trophy Tour,the band moved the masses with a sizzling performance and amplified energy that left the crowd craving for more.Their craft has improved which stamps that their silence has been worthwhile,maybe we could wait longer but no…….we all want to see the fruits of their silence.

It’s time to stay tuned in for fomo purposes……