Tribalism in Kenya seems to be taking a turn for the worse. We as the youth assumed that the previous generation, like those born in the 70’s were the worst tribalists.

Shock on us…the youth in Kenya seem to have taken the crown when it comes to hating each other based purely on tribe.  Sad but so true.

Case in point. A King Kaka fan yesterday viciously attacked Elani for their latest track ‘Papa’ featuring the talented rapper


Elani’s response….

As Elani,We have no space whatsoever to tolerate or condone any acts of Tribalism..Such reckless statements should not be accepted or made by anyone, nomatter who you think you are.We are the youth,we are the change we want to see…so stand up and be counted!!WE ARE KENYANS…WE ARE
KENYA and we shall keep standing firm to defend our heritage and culture.We will not entertain such silly comments from anyone.We are ONE people nomatter what tribe you come from,WE ARE ONE!!!!We have 42 tribes which are all beautifully and wonderfully made with rich culture.Let’s not fuel and destroy this blessing that we have.Love your neighbour as you love your brother’s keeper and be patriotic and love your country..we shall never have another one. #KenyanAndProud

Big up to Elani for handling the situation with grace.