#BYOBEldoret was trending over the weekend on social media. Blaze Network took the BeYourOwnBoss Summit to the ‘Home of Champions’ and it was a sucess. How would you feel if you won Ksh. 100,000? Here are some of the things that went down


There were 8 tents called ‘pods’ that had mentors. The pods covered areas of interest such as music, creative arts, fashion, technology, agriculture. The mentors in those pods were people who have made a mark in the industry and they were offering advice and answering industry related questions to the youth present. Njugush is one of the mentors and his inspirational story seemed to have resonated with a lot of people.

Fun activities

Dance people where you at? If you love shaking yah body, music and dance sessions were aplenty. Hoverboard lovers were also not left behind. W can’t even forget to mention the drones! We had a drone being flown over the place and it did seem to catch everyone’s interest. Would you pose to a drone? Lol. It had a camera and that’s why the slayers had a kick staring at those flying objects. There were also games for the sharp and strong.

Cash Money

Yeap, that’s right. Those with business ideas had pitched them to mentors and the winners were walking with Ksh. 100k. No, we don’t mean that there were people who had bags full of money. They had cheques, duh. The money will be used as capital for the business ideas they had pitched. There were also auditions for the BYOB TV Show. But the contestants haven’t yet been announced. Fingers and toes crossed aye?


Mwalimu Racheal was as energized as always and kept the crowd entertained. Agolla also took over our emotions with Milele as she played along her guitar. Timmy T-dat had mad love from the chics with his charm and quick wittedness. Nyashinski‘s performance was the most electrifying, with the crowd cheering and singing along to songs such as Aminia. We also had King Kaka blazing and Khaligraph who requested to have a chic to perform with his song ‘Micasa’.








The event was a success and people weren’t eager to leave. The lucky dudes got numbers by the way. Some got dance partners as the Odi dance style took over the main dome. If you didn’t get a chic to fall for you, at least there were celebs to take selfies with for the gram and Twitter. You know what they say, it didn’t happen if you don’t gram about it. Check out #BYOBEldoret on twitter for more.

Pictures courtesy of Jesse Koskei