Emmanuel Kigen,a student from Eastleigh high school is about to take the world by storm. With his hit BYOB the form three student is going to make the music scene come down to his feet. The humble lad decided to venture into music as he saw thus as an avenue to express himself through talent. The artist mostly majors in the hip-hop genre.

Emmanuel hails from Huruma, a hood in Eastlands. He decided to go for the hip-hop genre to represent his hood. This is because people from the area do not see the importance of music and see it just as something people do for fun. They also do not value that a kid from the ghetto can make it through means of talent.

Emmanuel also states that he took up the hip hop genre to express his character. Apart from music he also loves soccer. Books can never be forgotten in the equation. He urges his fellow students to develop their talents but also study hard to achieve their future dreams.

The ‘BYOB’ star states that his main inspiration was his brother who was also a rapper and loves hip-hop music. He also attributes his success to his family and friends for always encouraging him in the music journey. His teachers who he also praises claim they guided him throughout the music festival period.


Emmanuel states he will always be grateful to Blaze who provided him with the platform to produce his song. Musyoka of Decimal records through the blaze program was the genius mind in the production of his hit ‘BYOB’.

Emmanuel is among the four finalists who took part in the Blaze HUB boot camp and is looking forward to emerge victorious. The winner in the boot camp will stand a chance of walking away with 50,000 shillings worth of school fees from Blaze.