The 2007 Patch Machine, the last team to lift the Prescott Cup.

Patch Machine 2007

When Patch Machine was set to play Saints in the Prescott Cup ‘Relegation Rampage’ clash, no one took the game seriously. When Patch Machine lost, they were to face the Damu Pevu league winners, Laiser Hill last Sunday. Again, no one took the clash seriously. This is the legendary Patch Machine, the thought of Kenya’s high school rugby powerhouse getting relegated to the 2nd tier Damu Pevu league was not something that could happen. But it did.

Sunday, May 11th 2014 will go down in infamy as the day the once dreaded Patch Machine was relegated to the Damu Pevu Championship. Patch Machine lost 10 – 27 to Laiser Hill. Not to take anything away from Laiser Hill, their rugby program has come of age in the last few years and they deserve to be in the 2014 Prescott Cup. Our thoughts however, go out to Nairobi School’s Patch Machine.

The two-time Prescott Cup winners (2002 & 2007) and 4-time runner’s up (1987, 1989, 2001 & 2004), Patch Machine are now a pale shadow of their once feared name. The team has produced a plethora of Kenyan rugby greats past and present, and their relegation is something of concern about Kenya’s high school rugby.

Over to you Old Cambrians; what can you do to revive the Nairobi School rugby program?