And the Oscar goes to…The Omondis, or rather that is what Eric Omondi, some of us would love to differ though. Three days after duping Kenyans into believing that Eric and his wife to be Chantal were at loggerheads, the comedian has come clean.

It turns out the clip which he apparently said was shot in February(lies) was all to create hype around the launch of Eric’s latest business venture-an app.

Today morning, Eric shared an explanation video on his Instagram page.

The couple was joined by a representative from Ocharge and are seated on the video as Eric explains exactly what happened saying he cannot fight an Italian giving reference to Chantal Grazioli mixed heritage.

This stunt is just one of the many that Kenyan celebrities have been pulling in order to get some traction from fans when they are about to unleash some news. It needs to stop though, it is getting pretty old now guys. Anyway check out the video below