eric omondi song

I didn’t think my day would get any weird than it was till I heard this new song by Eric Omondi. So I was actually confused at first because I was not getting what this guy was trying to do, it’s not that I’m a blond or anything like that. Eric is trying to do what Kajiro used to do back in the day but his songs are different that’s why It’s a bit hard for someone to get especially if you’re not a bongo person. Nabeba Mawe the new parody he has done for Diamonds Nasema Nawe, being funny is hard job but the song is not bad since it will motivate Eric to add weight because it seems it’s that is a resolution he never archives.  Many people are born multi-talented and that’s a good thing but if you’re are not one of those people kindly get to know what your good at and stick to, don’t try to be someone else. The verdict is get a tutor or stick to stand-up comedy.

Verdict by Chuck