1. Who came up with the quail theory?
2. Should Birdman call himself Quailman?
3. Is it ok for a thermometer to brag as it has 100 degrees?
4. Would you get back together with your ex?
5. When do you know that the struggle is real?
6. Is there a perfect relationship?
7. What do you do when you’re stuck in traffic?
8. Will Sheng’ ever became an official language?
9. How does traffic start?
10. Is Kenya the only country with pimped matatus?
11. Is Khaligraph Jones a better rapper than Octopizzo?
12. What questions would you ask your international celeb crush?
13. Is the 8-4-4 system really necessary?
14. What do Form 1s think about before reporting to school?
15. What’s on your bucket list?
16. How does one get to take a selfie with a president?
17. What survival skills should Form 1s use?
18. EDM Culture vs OBE Culture?
19. Which is the best Android phone?
20. Why are the numbers on a calculator reversed?
21. Can anyone dig all the way to China?