“Niliacha game mapema hata kabla refa hajapiga firimbi, bila kwaheri ati walishtukia kuna Klepto mmoja haimbi” goes one of Nyashinsky’s lines in his

debut single “Now You Know” last year. When you do a song that talks to people, and people connect with it a hundred percent, you succeed in achieving what most artistes fail. You communicate and your audience listens. Trust me, the Kenyan listener is very complicated and having him or her sit down and listen to your song on replay mode means something. And Nyash did just that. His first two songs were massive hits. He hit two million views with “Mungu Pekee” lyric video in less than half a year, and if you think that is nothing, then go to Youtube and view “You Guy’ video by P-Unit featuring Collo. Despite much publicity, controversy and high budget, the video (not even a lyric video) has not hit a half a million views more than five years after release!!

Nyashinsky’s “Mungu Pekee” vukad borders. Tanzania’s Elizabeth Lulu, Ben Pol and MwanaFa were filmed singing the song on different occasions. Barakah da Prince too. Well, after the song, he went a little bit under. People said Oh, the guy is under pressure to do something as big as the two songs, he outdid himself, he is waiting for the first two songs to isha fashion and all that. Then bam! Nyash dropped two singles all at once. Two! Who has ever tried that in Kenya? I can’t remember anybody who did two videos at once. Kenyan artistes always are thinking about doing one song, hyping it with media tours (and some publicity stunts prior to the video release) and when the song is worn out, they chuck another one. But Nyash was just quiet. He didn’t even do a promo poster of “Coming soon…. New Video Alert” bla bla bla, he just dropped the songs plus the videos. And sat back.

We will not talk about the videos, or the songs. You alone be the judge. But one thing is for sure, Nyash conffirmed his prowess. For those who thought that his bullets were over with the first two mega-hits, he proved them wrong. By doing the two songs, Aminia and Malaika, Nyahs keenly looked at his fans and decided that he won’t just quench the thirst of one group. He’ll do a song for both. He looked at the softies, the lovey dovey who wanted to be bembelezwad (That’s almost all ladies and some men of course, did you hear Kaina Kageni premiere the song?) and the hardcore guys who wanted something deep. And both were master pieces. In Malaika, he sings about a beauty, praises her in a manner that is known only to be done by Tanzanians. Then in Aminia he goes hard, all alone in the video though Nameless makes an appearance at the beginning. Aminia seems to be a dig at some rappers in the game. In two days, Aminia has garnered almost 143K views while Malaika has  256K.

Just like Bongo’s Darassa, 2016 was Nyash’s year. The two guys had massive hits that had people questioning whether they will hit the same highs again. The two took so long to release projects but they have done so and didn’t disappoint. However, as much as the latest releases are dope, they still can’t match up to last year’s releases. Case closed.

Oh wait, we asked you guys on our Facebook page which of the two tracks does it for you, A) Malaika or B) Aminia. Check out their response, and let us know of what you think.