Every dog certainly has its own day.

Jastorina, the late, was almost not buried in peace after her step sister decided to storm the ceremony, off course in the company of hired goons, for a few unreasonable reasons.

Now, this goddamned lady felt like the cash contributed by Sonko towards her kids education was hers. Better still, she felt those kids deserved no mullah at all.

So I have a question here, who the hell does this lady think she is?? Those kids, just like those with parents alive, deserve a fair treatment.

If that cash was mjastorina 1eant for Jastorina’s kin, then to them it should be given.

Definitely, if humans could change to Dogs for a day, then that Lady would be some ill looking dog strolling downtown.

No Pun intended, am just speaking my mind.

By: Malasi