So Bratha, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner that just spells doom for some of the men… (ok, like 99% of them). Now your busy searching for a Valentine’s gift for your loved one, and of course with the price tag taken into SERIOUS consideration!

Pocket-friendly gifts that will dazzle your mama into that box you have laid for her for years now…Yes! That indeed is true but what’s for sure is that many relationship status will change from ‘In a relationship’ to  ‘Its Complicated’ on the 15th. As you search for that gift, there are people with money under this sun we all share. For them money has never been the issue. Its not ”how much?” but the question is ”When do you want it?”

Here are the expensive Gifts….you wouldn’t even dream of buying

1. 50 Shades of Valentine Suite at Kempinski Nairobi

As you traverse Waiyaki Way in that matatu hurriedly for work to avoid your boss’ wrath, one cannot help but notice the magnificent Kempinski Hotel that towers over the city and its environs. As you squeeze yourself on that seat on your matatu…there’s a couple 10 stories above you eating from life’s plater with a silver spoon. Literally. The ”Discounted” offer for the Presidential 50 Shades of Valentine suite this year amounts to a whopping 5.4 Million Shillings…(Remember its discounted) And to shock you further… 6 couples have booked for this!! ( I don’t even know if that shocked emoji could describe my shock for this.)

2. Man gives wife Presidential Suite on top floor at Burj Khalifa

Some Indian Billionaire Raj Kundra gave his wife a Presidential suite.. Not just any suite… But a suite at the Burj Khalifa (The tallest building under the sun).. And that is just Valentines.. What about Birthdays…

3. Dolce & Gabbana’s DG2027B Sunglasses

This Valentines’ some people decided the sun won’t hurt their precious eyes due to sun glare… So a couple in Italy decided to purchase exclusive sunglasses custom-made from the designer brand Dolce and Gabbana to rock their outdoor look, The limited edition DG2027B Sunglasses that go for just about $383,609 ( About 38 Million Shillings)… Just for sunglasses…So if you think those counterfeit Ray Ban sunglasses you bought from a vendor along Moi Avenue for 200 shillings is expensive…Think Twice.


4. Gold Shoelaces By Mr.Kennedy

Who ever thought shoelaces could be expensive…They definitely can be. Some people seem to be magnetically        repulsive to money and hence, spend like nobody’s business. A lady bought these shoelaces for her other half last      valentines’…. The shoelaces by The elite designer Mr.Kennedy go for just over $19,000 (About 1.9 Million      Shillings)….Just for shoelaces.



5.  Chivas Regal Royal Salute 1940

This is just not any other ordinary drink or alcoholic drink….Arguably, the most expensive whisky in the world. The Chivas Regal Royal Salute just spells out luxury. You used to think that 150 shilling Tusker was hell of an expense but your wrong for sure bro… This whisky goes for about $460,000 (46 Million Shillings)… A couple decided to buy this bottle from Scotland last Valentine to commemorate their love. If that isn’t the height of Style…Then I do not know what style is.

6. Gold Plated, Diamond Coated Beats By Dre Headphones

Put away your cheap earphones and listen to this….. An undisclosed buyer apparently bought for her music-loving husband a pair of Top-of-the-range Beats By Dre Headphones… Tailor-made for the man’s musical fantasies for a whooping $20,000 (2 Million Shillings)

Beats Swarovski

So men as you plan your lady’s valentine this year…Don’t let your mama read this article because she will be asking for these insanely-expensive gifts…and be like…

                                                                                                                      By: John Kago .W.