It is very important to be humble in this society we live in, with all our these screenshots, the internet never forgets. And people can make you the butt of a joke.

Yesterday, this is the fate that befell on Ezekiel Mutua, the matter is quite serious but laughable at the same time.

Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) recently flaunted how he has a diplomatic passport. However it turns out that it was never supposed to be in his possession.

Apparently the KFCB boss is NOT eligible to hold a diplomatic passport. Right after he shamelessly posted what he believes was quite an achievement, the Immigration Department of Kenya corrected the matter, and on social media for maximum effect.


Mr. Mutua has been asked to surrender his diplomatic passport to the Kenyan Immigration Department immediately.

It is only certain people eligible to diplomatic passports such as The President of course, cabinet secretaries, their spouses, diplomatic officials and others. So this begs the question, at what point did immigration issue out the passport to Ezekiel.

Answers are needed here!