Social media is clearly changing at it’s own pace. Early this year Whatsapp included a ‘Status’ feature that allows one to post a video or series of photos that can be seen by his/her contacts. It’s a feature that drew different reactions from users, with most of them expressing displeasure.

See the Stories feature above?

Prior to that, Instagram introduced a ‘stories’ feature whereby you could take photos or videos and update your followers on what you’re doing. It’s the same feature that saw the use of Snapchat go up. Well, if you have updated your facebook app, then you’ve noticed that the feature is there as well. Facebook now has the stories feature which enables you to share your experiences with your friends. It’s just like Instagram but then an additional feature, just like Watsapp’s status.

has been added. It’s called ‘Direct’ and is used to post the public or only your friends. The ‘Direct’ feature also enables your friends to reply to the story you posted (photo or video) and it’s through the same that you’ll get the replies and reply.

What’s more, the story stays for 24 hours, just like the whatsapp ‘status’ feature. It seems Mark Zuckerberg is trying each feature in all social media platforms that he owns, owing to the fact that he turned ‘Facebook Live’ into ‘Instagram Live’ and he’s now brought the ‘Stories’ feature to facebook.