Talk about taking a joke too far. A man only identified as Ken wa Mwangi woke up this morning to enjoy the much welcomed public holiday. Little did he know that his day would end with him being jobless. Sometime yesterday afternoon, Ken posted a status seemingly joking about class six female pupils. The joke was sick to say the least, though we have screenshots of the offensive status, we cannot post it on here. The status was filled with sexual references that left Kenyans on social media stunned and disgusted.

Ken must have assumed that it would go unnoticed. But he was in for a shocker.Today morning,radio personality highlighted the matter,see below


Based on this post, her fellow media colleagues such as Classic FM radio presenter Tina Kaagia took his post to mean that he supports the sexual crime of pedophilia . She rallied her friends and managed to track down where Ken works. She reported the matter to his bosses and effective immediately, Ken is out of his job. See the Power of Social Media.


Social media is not kind and does not forget. If y’all recall, offended women got Congolese superstar Koffi Olomide arrested and deported for kicking one of his female dancers while at the JKIA

We’ll keep you posted on the latest developments surrounding this situation. As of today evening, Ken Wa Mwangi has not commented on matters.

More to follow