Thursdays typically in social media circles; Facebook,Instagram and Twitter is always characterized by nostalgic pictures from the past under the hashtag  #throwbackthursdays.Well Nonini yesterday reposted a picture of him  snuggling with singer  Wahu Kagwi – currently married to Nameless-only to cause an unexpected uproar from fans.



The picture showed Wahu getting cosy with Nonini  and some interpreted it as disrespect  to Nameless who is Nonini’s long time friend.To others it was a glimpse of how far we have come entertainment wise since the three Nonini, Wahu and Nameless were the biggest artists of their generation.



Dancan Khadeji Do you think Nameless will be clapping for you if he sees this????

Francis Onyoyo tumia akili ngombe ii, she is married what on earth r u doing Nonini? nkt

Hunk Kenney U dint have to post that because of marital issues man…she is some one’s wife

Meshaq Demathias pull it out,it isnt worth that was then,respect the marriage institution.

Fozia Hassan sio powah…boma yaweza vunjika plz u have to remove it…RESPECT

Dennis Orenge Not cool , not cool at all.