There’s no better time than the new season to get yourself a new pair of cool glasses. And while we’re on the subject, don’t go shopping without being in the know about what the latest eyewear trends are!

We rounded up the upcoming frame trends of 2018, so you know what’s hot and.. what’s out. If you’re looking for some stylish glasses to go with new office outfits or a great pair of sunglasses to style while strolling the city, we’ve got you covered.

The new aviators

Also known as the Charleston. It is the perfect storm of eyewear trends: round and with an aviator-like rim. Like the fancy footwork of the 1920s, The Charleston frames will shake up your style. They are unisex by the way so you do not have to worry about looking too girly or too boyish for all y’all ladies.

Mirror Lens Sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses are the eyewear trend that took Instagram by storm! With eye-candy glamorous lenses, they make a strong fashion statement, giving you the drop of color you need to stand out! And this year is no exception to this trend, for both men and women!

Retro Cat eye sunglasses

I would not recommend any dude to rock these sexy glasses..because..well…Anyway! Ladies, here is a style for your eyes that you should look into rocking if you already aren’t. These go well with berets or just you and your hair.

Matrix-inspired sci-fi sunglasses

Have you seen celebrities wearing barely-there sunglasses nestled on their nose tips? Well, those are what we call the matrix-inspired sci-fi sunglasses. Totally not good looking on just anyone but they are totally fashionable. These are unisex as well. They look as good as you style them.

Round vintage glasses

Because old is gold, we love a bit on vintage and so do most people. If you are still wondering whether this look is still around, worry not because it is not even about to run out style.

Kurt Cobain’s bug-eyed pair

These cool eyes bring back the 90s vibes just like the matrix-inspired sci-fi sunglasses. I must admit that these are hard to figure out. Yeah unless you’re a famous rapper or a rockstar inside, these glasses aren’t exactly easy to rock.

Tinted colourful lenses

I am pretty sure you have seen a couple of these before if you have not already copped yourself a pair. Your surroundings will seem more colorful than usual with a pair of tinted shades. Fun colors like pastel yellow and pink brighten up outfits and offer fashion girls a cooler alternative to basic black aviators. Find the frame that suits your face in your favorite color.

Flat Top Visors

Flat top sunglasses are very masculine and combine the modern futuristic style with the vintage oversized and retro look. Go for purple sunglasses lenses if you want to stand between royalty and futurism.

Embellished Shapes

Embellished sunglasses are still taking over with their girly look and a twist to the normal frame. They took over the Spring/Summer ’18 runways of fashion houses such as Dolce & Gabbana and Miu Miu. Fashion girls will notice that their favorite frame silhouettes will be covered in designs from pearls and colorful gems to 3D florals. I would recommend these for a really girly day out.

Rock them away fam!