Just because the likes of Rihanna pulled it off doesn’t mean you can too.Fashion is about making statements but some statements just make no sense.

fashion don'ts 5 Ripped tights and fish nets

I understood the concept of ripped denim, but ripped fish nets and tights?! Why would you add holes on stuff that already have holes. That’s not a statement it’s an insult to one’s financial status.








fashion don'ts 2

Pattern on pattern 

I like patterns, they add some funk to your outfits, give a nice kind of crazy. The problem comes when people decide to go over the top bazaar. Pattern on pattern is all kinds of wrong unless they’re matching patterns. It’s plain and simple, If you have a pattern down then it’s plain up and vice versa.








fashion don'ts 3leggings paired with skirts and dresses. 

I’ve seen this look a million times on grown females and am not being harsh when i say that’s a six-year old’s outfit. It’s okay to reach into your inner childhood but not like this.









fashion don'ts Socks and heels.

This is a classic look that a lot of teens have tried to pull off but sadly failed massively. Here’s the thing if you’re doing socks and heels, the heels MUST be closed. Secondly the socks must be of a matching color or one that blends with your heels. The safest colors would be black, white or nude they never go wrong.








So there you have it. It’s never wrong to personalise a style but just don’t make a fool out of yourself doing it.

By: Joan Rangara