Have you ever put on an outfit and your parents see you and say, “I wore that back when I was in college.” At that current moment they’re 40 years old and above.

The reality of fashion is that it’s never really changed it’s almost like a cycle. Truth is designers just change a few things like maybe the colour or the name but at the end of it the concept is just the same.high-low

High-low skirts and dress for example, they were a trend all the way back in 1870s where they were popularly known as Fish tails. They made a come back in 2012 as the trendiest must have cloth item for any girl.

Crop tops are another popular attire. They started showing in 1990’s thanks to pop stars like Britney Spears who made them a hit back then. During 2015, you just weren’t up to trend if you didn’t have a crop top in your closest.Crop-Tops

Dungerees are still a major hit from 2015, but that’s not the only time this outfit has been trending. It started in 1990’s and disappeared for a while. That is until 2003-2004 where they were mostly worn by kids from the age of 1 year to 11 years. Now you can spot kids, teens and adults walking past you in dungeree pants or shorts in town or just about anywhere. Now they aren’t just in jeans, you can even get one in kitenge! dungeree









These are just three examples of the many repeated fashion styles. I guess what they say is true, old is truly gold.

By: Joan Rangara