wddEver wondered how some people match prints and look fabulous while others tend to look like a multi- colored umbrella?
Well here are some little secrets and tips that will help you play with prints, patterns and strips.

  1. Always remember that one can wear more than one print or pattern, secret is to identify the busy one and where to wear it. The busiest print or pattern should be worn at the lower part of the body always.
  2. When mixing prints, make sure that they have at-least one common color and remember to pair colorful prints with neutral prints to avoid being too much.
  3. For ladies, polka dots and prints always go together so if everything fails, just get a polka dot top for example with a printed skirt or trouser that has at-least one polka dot color.
  4. Always keep your fabrics in the same color family to avoid looking like a rain-bow. Match the colors not the prints, if the colors look good together the prints will definitely look good together.
  5. Remember to break patterns with something like a belt to avoid a busy look.
  6. You can also wear prints and patterns together, secret is the busy one should be at the lower part. If the pattern looks busy, get a printed top or T-shirt and march it with a patterned trouser or skirt.
  7. For a casual look, you can tie a printed jacket or sweatshirt round your waist to break the look.
  8. Never wear two prints that look alike,this look is usually busy and doesn’t bring the desired look.
  9. Lastly, black and white strips or patterns go with everything, the simpler the prints, the easier they are to mix.

Don’t hold back try a new look this season, follow the simple tips and you’ll be walking with your head high.