FBI-2In a new production that goes on to underline their consistency in being excellent, FBI Dance Crew have debuted a new video, and a new dance.
‘Balance’, released on Sunday the 1st of March, contains audio production from Kevin Provoke and video direction was provided by Bryan Adagala. Having been a fan of dance for several years, I don’t intend to sound biased when I state: It is an amazing video! Everything about it is right: The video quality is outstanding, the dance moves are awe inspiring, and the setting is perfect. It’s always wonderful to see many people from a particular community being involved in a music video. (Yes I would call it their music video because FBI has also exercised their ability to record their own music to great effect). The energy is electric, and the constant smiles on the children’s faces are heart-warming, to say the least.
With a new dance move containing West African influence and adapted by the FBI, making it their own in the process, this video is expected to cause cultural impact in similar ways to howSauti Sol’s ‘lipala dance’ did so. At least I hope it would!
To conclude, a video featuring the Gavana himself Bilal Wanjau flexing his dancing skills is what has been missing from your life.
Watch the video here:

Lang’at Douglas