Season 2 winners of Sakata Mashariki , FBI are surely going places. After scooping the season two title they still went to greater heights of representing KENYA at the “Faites Danser le Monde.” They performed a emotional dance which was a tribute to the fallen souls who lost their lives during the fateful Garrissa massacre which left 150 students dead.

This is a true definition of patriotism

garissa attack

“As we all know terrorism is a global problem that has been affecting most countries in the world this performance was inspired by this two events namely GARRISSA UNIVERSITY ATTACK where 150 students lost there lives and many others were injured due to terrorist activities and CHARLIE HEBDO ATTACK where 12 people lost there lives This dance performance speaks out of this evil activities and no matter what all of us should be as strong as TITANIUM and join hands in the fight against terrorism.”