Race Riots in Ferguson USA
A Black American Tribesman Armed With Rifle

Looks like the US is slowly becoming like the nations it so loves to criticize. To put this point across, we will attempt to report this story as would the US/Western media, a similar incident in Kenya (or in Africa, since they all think our great Continent is a single country). Please note that this parody report is based largely on facts gathered from US media. RIP Michael Brown.

Police quell riots in Ferguson
Police in Ferguson disperse looting, marauding youth


The streets in the United States of America have turned into war zones as the police and rioting youth engage each other in running battles. This mayhem, that is threatening to turn the American continent’s biggest economy into a violent, racist state, was sparked off after the brutal shooting of an unarmed black teenager. The shooting occurred in a sleepy village called Ferguson somewhere in central USA, hundreds of kilometres from the capital city Washington DC.

Fergusion St Louis
Police use tear gas to disperse unruly youth


Trouble started on the afternoon of Aug. 9, when a police officer fatally shot an unarmed, black teenager, Michael Brown, Brown belonged to the Black American tribe, the same as the president of the US, Barack Obama. The police officers who brutally cut the life of this young tribesman come from the majority White American tribe.

Since the election of Barack Obama, a lot of White American tribesmen have been bitter of his election and incidents of Black Americans being violently attacked, sometimes fatally, have risen in recent years. The White American tribesmen have ruled what is now known as the USA for about 2 and a half centuries. This is after viciously overthrowing the indigenous local populations of the great Native American kingdoms. The Black American tribesmen have been slaves and serfs of the White Americans, until about 50 years ago when they were allowed to vote. Economic and social progress however, has been slow for the Black Americans, as most of the government institutions are still controlled by White Americans. Even with the first Black American tribesman in the top office, the stranglehold that the White Americans have on the USA government and military means that he is mostly helpless to come to the aid of his oppressed tribesmen.

Ferguson store looting
Black American tribesmen looting


An eye witness and friend of Michael Brown, Dorian Johnson, told a local news station – Fox 2 – that he and Brown were walking in the street when the police car pulled up. The officer, who was a White American tribesman, told them to “get the eff onto the sidewalk,” he recounted. Johnson said the officer reached out of the car window and grabbed Brown around the neck. Another witness, Piaget Crenshaw, said she saw police chase Brown. “He ran for his life,” she said. “They shot him and he fell. He put his arms up to let them know that he was compliant and he was unarmed, and they shot him twice more and he fell to the ground and died.”

Ferguson race riots
Riot police clear Black American tribesmen demonstrations


Since this brutal shooting, the Black American tribe has become very vocal about the oppression it has faced in the hands of the White American tribe. There have been demonstrations, street clashes and looting in and around the USA. A St. Louis County police officer shot and critically wounded a Black American tribesman who police say pointed a gun at him. In another horrifying incident, a woman was shot in the head by a White American and is struggling for dear life at a nearby medical facility.

There have been numerous reports of the mostly White American police force using tear gas and rubber bullets on the unarmed, peaceful Black American tribesmen. Police have arrested dozens of Black American protestors and have even imposed the draconian night time curfews for the protestors. Practises only common in countries ruled by dictators.

Race riots in the USA
Police blow up Ferguson USA


Protesters have said they want the officer who killed Brown to be identified, fired and charged in the killing, and they want the Ferguson police force to reflect the tribal demographics of the largely Black American ethnic community. They also have said that they want respect from police and that they don’t want to be shot the way Brown was.

Sources & Pictures Credits: Huffington Post, LA Times, Reuters, AP