A Kenyan pauses for a photo next to the FIFA World Cup trophy

The long awaited FIFA World Cup trophy, yesterday touched down the Kenyan grounds.It was received by our prezzo on Monday and later brought to the wananchi for a chance to pause and snap with it. As erarly as 9am the gates to the KICC grounds were opened for us to queue and have a glimpse of the 6.142 kg solid gold.

Kenyans queue to enter KICC during the FIFA World Cup Trophy tour


In case you missed it it was just as easy as paying a 100bob, get a Coke soda, a hat and a backpack and you’re journey to the world cup trophy viewing would be closer. The scorching sun could not beat us,not the love of football. This cup that is so celebrated must be seen!

Scanning before taking a picture with the FIFA World Cup trophy
Collectin of the printed picture at the FIFA World Cup trophy tour in Nairobi

Trust Coca-Cola to organize a few fun games for us such as Foosball (which I was so good at by the way), spin and win, and PlayStation.

While others queued to get a picture with the trophy, the rest of us danced along to the charms of VDJ Space.

D&G,the MC was on it with a dance off of different hoods represented at the event. Ololo (Kaloleni Vs. Oyole (Kayole). Kayole dancers won this one.

D&G MCs at the FIFA WorldCup trophy tour

Peter Gitau and Christopher Malei did no come to play. They showed up to the gig to show the best of what their gifted hands made.They turned heads with their FIFA WorldCup trophy themed nganyaz.

Peter and Christopher display some talent at the FIFA Wolrld Cup trophy tour at KICC

D&G took turns with Jalangoo and Amina as the baddest MCs of the day.

The afternoon was star-studded with electrifying performances from Timmy T-dat. Willy Paul, Band Becca, Size 8 and the Cross Over Team led by Dj Mo. Also, we cannot forget a great comeback from the long-lost Elani who made us realize how much we had missed their love songs.

The Band Becca perform at the FIFA World Cup trophy tour at KICC
NaiBoi performs at the FIFA World Cup trophy tour at KICC
Khaligraph Jones and Timmy T-dat perform Kasayole at the FIFA World Cup trophy tour at KICC

NaiBoi and  were not left behind on this one! I know right? Epic line-up already.

I am not even done… yet…

Kulikuwa na Mazishi! Yes!Khaligraph killed us with his raps and rhymes.The crowd was definitely feeling him.

The last performance was saved for probably the best lyricist i know, Nyashinski who blew us away!

If you are already feeling the fomo, sorry,not sorry.We can now look forward to the FIFA World cup.

Elani make a comeback at the FIFA World Cup trophy tour at KICC
Nyashinki delivers a passionate performance at the FIFA World Cup trophy tour at KICC