International football governing body Fifa has made it official; there shall be 48 teams in the forthcoming World cup competitions. This follows a vote by members early January to increase the number from 32, a move that has been approved by Fifa president before it’s ratified on May 9th. This is a nice thing since it will give many countries to participate, but then it will take away the prestige of the tournament.

So, here is how the continents will be represented;

  1. Africa – 9 (up from 5)
  2. Asia – 8 (up from 4 or 5)
  3. North, Central America and Caribbean – 6 (up from 3 or 4)
  4. Oceania – 1 (from 0 or 1)
  5. South America – 6 (up from 4 or 5)

Do you think it’s a nice idea to have so many teams in the world cup finals? Give us your thoughts.