jagguarSeems like Jaguar has had enough of kupepea and has decided to kutulia….

The self built, down to earth. And filthy rich singer walked down the aisle in a private event in South Africa.

Jaguar Kenya1Pulse also revealed that not only did Jaguar marry, he also went ahead to buy a house down south!!.

The lucky lady is still anonymous….

If it is so true that his nuptial bells rung, that’s a good thing….its a challenge to other local vipepeo who seem to not to be 1 centimeter away from their marriages unlike their ages…

Jaguar , however is yet to confirm if he truly wedded.

But according to our reliable source, he actually went south to shoot the video to his one centimeter song.

so for all those who claim he got married, you just got pranked, and so was I. Good one Jaguar ☺
By: Malasi