Bomet County
Kimulot Boys High Shool dormitory on fire | IMAGE: COURTESY

In the early hours of today, residents of Bomet county woke up to a chaotic morning as a school fire was reported Kimulot Boys High School. The fire occurred in the morning hours, at around 5 am just as the students were getting ready to head to class for their morning preps. The fire razed down dormitories and destroyed an unknown amount of property that is yet to be accounted for.

Bomet County
Bomet county fire engine at Kimulot Boys High School | PICTURE: COURTESY

Speaking to the media, the Bomet County disaster management officer, Mr Stanley Mutai stated that the fire was contained before it could cause more damage. “The fire has been contained by members of the public, students, and fire marshals from the government of Bomet County,” Said Mr. Mutai. This was good news as the county official also confirmed to the media that there had been no casualty witnessed despite the surprise incident in the early morning hours.

The dormitory that was burnt down had a capacity of 288 students making it one of the biggest dormitories in the school. As the school is now left to try and fit students in other dormitories and classrooms so that atleast learning could proceed, parents are already requesting that the other students be allowed to go back home except for the candidates. This is because some of them are already raising concerns over crowded dormitories and classrooms during this period of the pandemic when social distancing should be observed. The school administration is yet to release a statement in regards to what caused the fire.


The incident comes just a couple of days after education cabinet secretary banned bottled hand sanitizers. Education officials had attributed the school fires to the highly inflammable hand sanitizers. With over 5 schools already reporting cases of mysterious school fires in the past month alone, things seem to be getting worse.