Nyaguthi3Hey all, my name is Nyaguthii and I am a fitness enthusiast (sounds like an AA introduction I know) .and to be honest, I am addicted to keeping fit. My fitness journey hasn’t been one of those extraordinary kinds, but I can tell you this; from being a regular looking girl who sucked at virtually every sport since time and memorial, I’m proud to be the fittest I have ever been at 29.

I’d like to throw it back a little if I may, for you to understand where it all started; hopefully it’ll make you realize that it’s never too late to decide to take your health and wellness into your own hands. I went to Kianda High School  and, in even more stereotypical fashion, I was in an even more academically based primo (Kilimani Junior Academy. Bring on the judgement). Therefore, it’s kind of fair to assume that it was all books and no fun.

Now, I will not speak for anyone else who attended those schools but for me; I sucked at everything, and I mean everything sports related. My coordination is sadly wanting and my legs are literally without scars. Why? Because one would have to run in order to fall.


I believe that a good number of folks become inclined to certain sports and hobbies that they are exposed to either from home, school or even your hood. For me, however, I was pretty okay with playing PS and watching TV; and hey, I wouldn’t really say that I had weight problems. However, I have to admit that I never got to fully enjoy and experience what keeping physically active does; not just in terms of looking fit, but also the bonding with team mates in sports. I did not attend sports gigs, and therefore I did not win any trophies. (The upside is that I didn’t lose any for that matter, so that’s something I can say never happened in my life).

I don’t intend to pass this off as a sob story, because it isn’t. I randomly took an interest in doing something different for myself while in Uni; I had so much time in between classes anyway, so I decided to take up a membership at my neighborhood gym. I was 23 the first time I ever attempted to get fit and little did I know that this would be my career field in 6 years to follow. I am currently taking a diploma in fitness instruction and nutrition; it took me long enough but I finally found what it is that my heart yearns for.

Nyaguthi2As I type this out, I keep wondering if a little more attention paid to Mrs. Siro in school would have earned me a career as a kick ass hockey player; or maybe squash. What the heck, even golf. What I do know though is, a sports person worth their salt puts in the work to be the best at the game; but even without going over the top with being all sporty (because God knows we can all be sport persons), you will realize most of the health problems of this day and/or diseases are lifestyle related. For example, diabetes, obesity, HBP, cancer etc and these can be avoided or managed by making the right lifestyle choices. What most guys think especially when younger, is that these are old people problems. LOL, I laugh at that because I was the same way; binging on Sonford fries without putting on weight and what not. Life seemed easy breezy but little did I know that your health status is usually a sum total of your habits.

I dream of a time when we will care about our health and wellness, and not just for shallow reasons such as to perpetrate narcissism (Thanks IG, you already got that covered, *winks* ) but especially for health reasons; a time when my beloved fellow Kenyans care about their health and hence we have a nation of productive and healthy guys from an early age….I may be building castles in the sky with this one, but hopefully one day this castle will be feasible. One thing is for sure, it’s never too late to decide your health matters to you. Just take the decision to make changes, and commit to this life long lifestyle; real fitness is a forever thing, and not just a fad. It definitely isn’t the easiest of feats, especially with everything the world exposes us to, BUT nothing worthwhile ever came easy. I can assure you that this is a worthwhile thing.

Looking forward to hearing from you with any feedback or queries.

Yours truly,

Nyaguthii Ndungu