As much as self-quarantine is advisable to well, survive this virus, it can be so boring to be that idle especially because most of us were not prepared for this abrupt holiday. A good movie/ series is therefore very necessary. and more so one with many seasons that you can binge.

Here are five of such series for those who love romantic comedies:


If you have never heard of FRIENDS, I do not know what era you live in. But don not worry, am here to bring you back into reality. FRIENDS a classic ROMCOM, one of many but the only one that most people identify with is a story of six friends, and their lives in New York city. When you start it, I assure you there will be no stopping.



HIMYM, my personal favorite, is what someone will now call binge-worthy. Unlike FRIENDS which keeps you laughing with its jokes, HIMYM, will make you laugh, cry, fall in love, fall out of love, hope. This one is more than just a romantic comedy, and when you click that play button for the first episode, the next time you will be moving from the couch or bed will be one week later when you have finished all the nine seasons.



This is perhaps the most age appropriate ROMCOM for High School students because well, it follows the lives of six Highschool friends. It is full of witty humor, sarcasm, and that young naïve love that we all love. Plus, it is hella funny.



If you are a nerd or consider yourself smart, funny and a romantic, this is the series for you. Exploring the wittiness and stupidity of smart people, Big Bang Theory is a series that both nerds and non-nerd will laugh their asses off.



Though not airing on Netflix, The Office is the funniest Office show ever. Their comic effect, achieved mostly by the stupidity of the characters and the wittiness of some, is what has clearly kept it still be beloved by most to this day.


Watching any of these shows, or all of them will ensure you are kept busy by the characters, plot twists, jokes. ENJOY.