Hey. I understand that you closed school for the holiday season and there is not much to do at home other than watching movies and hanging out with friends. And of course doing assignments but who does that this early. Hiyo itangoja next year.

So you have been with a couple of friends who like to talk about their sex escapades, listening to Gengetone and their crude lyrics and you wonder; hey why am I still a virgin? Maybe I should have sex and do away with my virginity once and for all.

That’s where I come in. Here are five reason why you should not be having sex right now:

  1. You are just too young boo.

I know, I know. You don’t want to hear that. You are what? Sixteen? Seventeen? Eighteen? You feel like you are adult enough. After all you can make your own decisions.

I know that and I respect that. But as someone older let me just tell you, you are too young for sex and all the possible consequences that come with it.

And am not talking just about pregnancy and STIs. There are also emotional consequences where a guy dumps you after getting what he wants, or the regrets that come with after having sex (trust me they are many).

2. You don’t know much about sex.

You don’t. Sex is honestly overrated and that’s what your friends who constantly talk about it don’t tell you.

Yes, it’s a good experience, but ask your girlfriends who claim to know so much about sex, ask them how many times they have actually reached an orgasm. Fact is, most of them have not. And is that not the joy of sex?

So you and your friends do not know much about sex to having it this early.

3. Chances are you don’t know your partner very well and you won’t enjoy it.

I don’t want to sound like an old mama (though that is what am sounding like right now) but, sex with just anybody is never enjoyable. Especially if it’s your first time.

The first time requires you to have sex with the right person who can listen to your needs, who can take care of you, who can treat you like a queen.

I would not like you to regret your first time. Having a bad first time can seriously make you detest sex, and I do not want that for you.

So until you are sure with your partner, stay a virgin.

4. You want to have sex for non-sexual reasons.

You might be considering having sex because everyone is doing it and talking about it and you feel left out. Or  you want to feel more mature. Or worse because you met an older guy who promised you he will buy you stuff if you have sex with him.

Don’t do it.

5.You are drunk or high.

Maybe you are a drinker, you enjoy the occasional vodka or whiskey. Or even weed. Am not judging. Just don’t let your first time be influenced by these drugs.

Seriously. The first time, according to me, you should be sober. You should savor the moment, the pain, the pleasures.

And also, chances of regretting sex you had while drunk or high are high. Don’t allow yourself to regret your first time.