Chris Brown innit once again! We all know that both Doja and Breezy have been having issues, but who thought something might be up between the two? And now with Doja single and maybe ready to mingle, Chris seems to be having a thing for her, and he is not afraid to let people know. He recently left a bunch of comments on social media that appeared to express attraction to the “Juicy” singer. However, the reactions were not what they expected.

Breezy went live on Instagram and started a twerk competition and guess what, requested Doja to join, followed with a couple of flirty emojis. The fans immediately reacted to him thirsting over Doja. Many were critical, others cited his rocky relationship history and the fact that he just had a baby a few months ago. 

“Chris you just had a baby… sit down sir.” This was was one of the comments from a guardian angel to the baby he welcomed with model Ammika Harris in November 2019. There was no way the fans were willing to overlook that he is among the new fathers in town. 
Unfortunately for them, most of their fans seem to be against the idea of them ever dating. And with the number of endless comments advising Doja to “Run”, we can’t wait to see what the future has stored for these two.
However, away from all the negative comments, some fans have tried to raise his hopes. They made it clear that they know pretty well why he is eyeing on Doja; she’s a beautiful lady to have by your side. We get it, Doja was previously connected with his former musician boyfriend, Johnny Utah on social media and started dating in 2019. Things changed earlier in 2020 when she announced during an Instagram live that they had split.  
With Doja keeping shut, it’s still unclear whether she is ready to jump back into the dating pool any time soon. But if she is, it looks like she might have at least an option to choose from already.