The new Tanzanian sensation, Nandy who has been making waves after her hit single ninogeshe is yet again on the spotlight in Kenya. The young song bird just released another single called Hazipo and has been really doing a good job promoting it in Kenya. With a viewership of over 450,000 on You tube, the video has really stood out and raised so many questions among Kenyans.

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In the video, Nandy is seen putting on governor Joho’s trademark 001 cap and even being carried on a chopper branded the same. This has raised questions on whether the Tanzanian could be the stylish governors new catch. In an interview with Mpasho, this is what she had to say:

“He is a person who loves Bongo music and he loves Tanzanian artistes, and so we are there to support him as he supports us. Just because I am a woman, they will say I am dating him. I am even looking for a way I will get a house in Kenya so I can relocate here as well.”

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The sassy singer finally revealed that she will be working closely with the Mombasa county boss on other upcoming projects.

However what does Joho have to say on this? The governor is known to have a thing for young pretty celebrities and so it wouldn’t come as a surprise!

Hazipo music video below: