It seems like Blac Chyna is on to the next catch. Just weeks after breaking up with his former young lover, Kid Buu, Chyna has been seen hanging out with the new hip hop sensation Soulja Boy. This has raised to whether the two might be dating or are just best friends. However it doesn’t come as a surprise since Chyna always has a thing for young black celebrities in the prime of their careers.

Soulja Boy hanging out with Chyna

New sources close to Chyna have disclosed that the duo have been dating for more than a week now. The duo claim that they sparked their love on Instagram after a series of DMs with Soulja Boy being the initiator of the whole conversation. The couple officially met first at Sean Kingston’s L.A. penthouse last week. One thing led to another and the two ended up inseparable.

Soulja Boy leaving with Chyna

The duo even attended a few Grammy parties together. The mother of two, has had several relationship problems of late which has even attracted criticism from her mother who believes its time for her to get her s**t together. The mother to Dream and King Cairo, has been advised severally to let the kids stay with their fathers Rob Kardashian and Tyga respectively due to her unstable relationships of late.


It is however really surprising how she moved on faster from Kid Buu. They had a pretty much violent split up at Chyna’s hotel room a few weeks ago. This has left many people asking what Chyna’s intentions with these young American stars really is…