They were the trending celebrities that made our heads bob to the rhythm of their magic hits. Day after day, they became more entrenched in making music that would leave us wanting more. However with time they faded away from the limelight and fans were left to replay their songs. The Insyder plug takes a look at some of the musicians who made history with their chart-topping songs.

Camp Mulla

Their jam, “Party Don’t Stop” was one of the most played hits in 2010. It was a tune that every Kenyan related to and even bobbed their heads to. The group which consist of Karun, Kus Ma, Shapperman and Taio, ventured into alternative hip hop and became fan’s favorites. At their peak, the team was nominated for many accolades including Best International Act (Africa) at the BET Awards in 2012. After the release of their debut studio album, Funky Town, the group separated. Lead singer Karun and rapper Taio pursued their solo careers and left the group stage. With the fans heartbroken over their split, the group went dormant. However, September 2017 saw the dynamic group announce their reunion at The Wave event which was held at the Waterfront Mall. With the group being compared to Black Eyed Peas, fans still remain eager for their next chart-topping hit.


She was the queen of Afro pop and her songs ruled the airwaves for a long time. Amani was the recipient of many accolades across the region and continentally. Her song “Missing My Baby” was one of the most played songs in 2008 onwards. She featured in “Hands Across the world”, a song written and produced by the legendary R.Kelly. The song served as the debut release for Africa’s super group One 8 which was composed of Amani, Ali Kiba, Navio, Fally Ipupa, 2face Idibia, JK, 4×4 and Movaizhaleine. Amani recently returned to the industry but in a different way as she ventured into gospel music.


He rose to fame after releasing his debut album” Naleta Action’ which was appreciated by fans all over the east African region. His flossing antics and music prowess ensured that he remained a topic of discussion. The Mafans hitmaker produced tremendous hits that topped charts for a long time. He even got a chance to represent Kenya in the acclaimed Big Brother Africa TV Show. Taking a hiatus from music, the artist featured in Nairobi Diaries before leaving the show and fading into private life.


With the music industry evolving each day, these celebrities will continue to hold a place in the history of the industry. As fans keep on listening to different musicians, they are all eager to have these artistes topping the charts once more.