Hey yoh people, didn’t we say last week that Hollywood has found a new home? I mean, there’s always some celebrity from Hollywood who is in some country in Africa, East Africa to be exact. Well, Supermodel Chanel Iman and actor Will Smith were in Tanzania this past week, having a time of their life, each came separately though. So who is in this great land again? Rapper French Montana. Where is he? In Uganda? Not in Kenya!? Chill.

The American rapper (who has Comoran roots) was spotted over the weekend in a food joint in Entebe Uganda called Café Aviato. It’s not yet clear what the rapper is doing in the pearl of Africa, but sources say that he is in the country for a non-musical business. However, there are chances that he might be doing a video shoot, since some people are wishing him a nice video shoot with the Rae Sremmurd who are also coming to the country soon. The rapper posted a video of him and some chimpanzee kissing.

Why aren’t these people coming to Kenya though?